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10,000 Mile/Six-Month Oil Change

“How can I make money if customers extend their oil drain intervals?”

AMSOIL's 10,000 Mile/Six-Month Oil Change Program has been developed specifically for your profitability while providing passenger car and truck owners with superior engine protection and performance.    

Statistics have shown that many motorists will say yes when offered the choice.

“Would you like our $29.95 3000-mile/three-month oil change, or our $69.95 10,000 Mile/Six-month oil change?”

Fact: Consumers are willing to pay more for quality and convenience!

Engine Oil Life Systems in vehicles has made extended drain intervals increasingly common. When you offer customers a 10,000 mile/six-month oil change program, you are offering not only the convenience of fewer oil changes but, also the peace of mind that comes with unsurpassed time-tested technology.

10,000 Mile/Six-Month Oil Change Added Value

      ... and profits to your bottom line!

Synthetic Motor Oils started a new understanding performance possibilities of lubrication technology. Synthetic Motor Oils improve fuel economy, engine efficiency, and better high and low temperature protection against wear.

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